BigSmile Mannequins - colourful, head turning mannequins for sale for retail clothing stores
BigSmile Mannequins - colorful, eye-catching mannequins for retail displays  
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If you are a BigSmile Customer and have a comment, please email them to Many of our recent product improvements are a direct result of our conversations with you!

Testimonials: (last updated September 01 2010)

- The mannequins make people smile which sets a different mood ..and makes closing the sale easier for us...really like them..

- I have an optical shop and we receive compliments every week.  We would certainly recommend BigSmile to any optical store outside our city limits.- Most definately recommend them. Great responses.

- I have 4 Big Smile Mannequins and they have been the biggest influence on my sales.  They constantly draw people in. Everyone loves them and always ask where they can get one. I have recommended them to hundreds of people.

- Ours are the 1/2 mannequins (a boy and a girl)and we get alot of positive response from them. We were hesitant because of the cost but they are quite an eye catcher in our window.

- It's the first thing that the customer sees when they walk in the store. I wouldn't change them out for the standard boring mannequins on the market.

- I've had foreigners wanting to take pictures with them.  So they definitely do attract people.

- I sell body jewelry from a kiosk, they do a great job of attracting customers.

- I sure would recommend them!  They are a wonderful addition to our surf shop!

- They bring plenty of attention to our store.

- I would reccommend them due to Big Smiles customer service.

- I have already recommended them to many other university stores.

- The Big Smile Mannequins cause people to stop and look in the window.  For a shop such as ours which relies entirely on foot traffic, this is essential.

- We get people who stop in just to take a picture with our Big   Smile Mannequins!




Our MMA mannequin - for the MMA and fight shops of the world


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